Monday, October 8, 2012

Folder Paper Case

I saw a post on the RasPi forum today about a new folder paper case and I thought I would try it out since my RasPi number 4 needs a home.

I printed it on heavy card stock and on regular paper.  The regular paper was used for practice.  Good idea since I found that I folded it upside down.  Fold it with the printed side down.  I used scissors, an exacto knife and an old piece of wood as a cutting board.  Here is how it went.

All it takes - printed card stock, scissors, and a knife.

After being cut out.

Make good creases on all the folds.

The result - Very functional and surprisingly study little box.

The connectors and SD card hold the RasPi tightly in place.
I like the result.  Especially for a case that is basically free (assuming you can get a sheet of heavy card stock.)  The plain white looks really boring, but it should be pretty easy to add whatever design you like.

Flip the case over and there is lots of space to express your inner Pi.  OK, so I'm not Picasso.

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