Monday, November 5, 2012

Interface Completed

After yet another design change, I finally have the interface complete and ready to test.
Version 7 Finally Comes to Life

          ✓ Serial Port
          ✓ 8 Digital Inputs
          ✓ 4 Relay Outputs
          ✓ 2 SPI Ports
          ✓ 1 I2C Port
          ✓ Fused Power to Pi

Making the fuse involved the tiniest soldering I have ever done.  That is a surface mount poly-fuse soldered to two wires.  Once connectors are added, it is used for the jumper that connects the interface board 5V supply with the Raspberry Pi GPIO 5V pin.

The picture above shows one SPI port connected to an ADC chip on the bread board.  Once everything checks out, it will be time to mount it all.

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