Monday, February 29, 2016

Hot Tub Controller Details

By popular demand - some more details about my Hot Tub Controller project.

See the post about my Hot Tub Controller.

Controller Source Code
Can be found on github -
You can pull it from this address using the git command, or just go to this address and click the "Download Zip" button.

[Add web interface source files]

Partial parts list:
I will update this as I dig up the details for more of the parts I used.

Waterproof Case with clear cover -

7-Segment LCD (I2C bus) -
There are many colors and a couple sizes

Pushbuttons  -
Several colors available. They don't call these weatherproof but they seem to be pretty weather tolerant.

30A Relay (5V control) -

10A Relay (5V control) -

Waterproof Enclosure -
for relays inside hot tub

Cable Gland (for running cable into waterproof box) -

2n2222 transistors

Terminal Blocks

Perf board

40 pin GPIO connector -


  1. Ted, we're big Pi enthusiasts and would love to talk about supporting your site. Let us know if you're interested. We could sponsor an email newsletter, or content, or set up some banner ads, or something you suggest. Looking forward to collaborating! I just signed up for your newsletter, so you'll find my email in your subscriptions list.

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  3. I came here expecting bakery recipes :)
    This is very interesting, I'll look forward to following your hot tub project and might even pick up a few techy tips for my own tub.

  4. Your hot tub is really awesome Ted. I think I've watched your video 20 times ha. For your relays (10A and 30A) how did you size these for your hot tub? I want to be sure I get the right components. I'm an electronics novice, but I can understand the basics. Any help is appreciated!

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